1. I venture
I've founded the most geeky, nerdy and meticulous performance marketing
250+ Clients in the portfolio, 80+ testimonials, 14 people in the team.
Vlad Nozdrachev, Brand Leader at FEDORIV and CEO at Superliudi
Brand Leader at FEDORIV and CEO at Superliudi
"There were quite a bunch of companies we were considering, and we chose, because they are nerds, in a good way.

Thinking about a case for a Western client, we were incompetent in the Internet space of that European market, and we actually didn't understand how our grand strategy would be implemented there. We had to sort it out in terms of figure, details, in terms of those very narrow competencies.

And it was that nerdiness of that we fell for, because the depth of understanding the specific topic is exactly what we were looking for."
2. I teach
Since 2010, I've been teaching Internet Marketing for business.
I'm the author of a number of course on web analytics and email marketing. I've spoken at a dozen of conferences.

I've conducted corporate training for, Kyivstar, TripMyDream, iDeals Solutions.
3. I interview people and share productivity secrets
I run a 'Productive Roman' podcast and a YouTube-channel with the same name.
2 million Youtube-channel views, 800,000 podcast listeners
4. I travel
I've visited 40 UNO recognised countries and 108 regions. I keep the records at NomadMania.

I've had 160+ flights, totaling 260 000+ km altogether and spent 440+ hours in the air.
On average 14 flying segments per year according to MyFlightRadar.
My profile
By the way, one day the UIA delayed a flight from Munich to Kyiv by more than 3 hours, I sued them for €500 and won.
5. I read
20 books a year, on average. I keep records at GoodReads.
Here are the last 50 books I've read:
Бег по правилу 80/20 – Тренируйтесь медленнее, чтобы соревноваться быстрее
The Glass Bead Game
Рискуя собственной шкурой. Скрытая асимметрия повседневной жизни
Метро 2035
Отчаянные аккаунт-менеджеры. Как работать с клиентами без стресса и проблем. Настольная книга аккаунт-менеджера, менеджера проектов и фрилансера
Каждому своё 4
Каждому свое 3
Каждому свое 2
Тонкое искусство пофигизма. Парадоксальный способ жить счастливо
The Question. Самые странные вопросы обо всем
Сокровища чистого разума
Кардонийская петля
Кардонийская рулетка
Красные камни Белого
Последний адмирал Заграты
Продавцы невозможного
6. I write
I've been mentioned in the media more than 140 times.
Here are some of the articles on productivity and the joy of being a geek. and Roman Rybalchenko
If you don't manage anything, are dissatisfied with yourself, and your life looks more like a race, it's time to stop and understand what went wrong, and what to do about it.
The wisdom of automation is an important business element. Especially when dealing with big clients. Today, Roman Rybalchenko, the founder of agency and 'Productive Roman' podcast author will dispense his wisdom on the subject.
7. I run
I ran a marathon in Turkey at 4:01:20. A year later — a trial ultramarathon Cappadocia 60K.

2500+ km covered altogether.
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